Jamie Dare (aka JimaJama) is a wild card. 26 years old, he is a DJ and producer coming from the schitzophrenic wilderness of West Cork, where backwater meets bohemia, he has been waiting in the wings of the psy-trance scene, waiting to let loose with his distinctive take on the music he loves.

As a wide-eyed fifteen year old he danced on the shores of Kho Phan Ngan;
His first full moon party, his first taste of psy-trance, his first hit of true inspiritation and the last thing he expected...
His first realease, a collaboration with Crystal Sphere, is "The Edge" a gloriously frantic exploration inspired by his favourite artists, Corona, Chabunk, Ital, et al but with his own distinctive sound, energy and soul.

Its the first of many more as his Production and DJing progresses from a private passion to a public celebration.